We sell Sheep, Hog, and Beef Natural Sausage Casings.


Natural Sausage Casings are the preference of sausage makers around the world! First of all, the bite of natural sausage casings is the best. Natural casings provide that special “snap” that true sausage lovers expect.

No other casing can match the natural sausage casing for maintaining a fresh appearance and keeping the sausage sweet and juicy. With natural casings, you can be confident that the combination of flavor and seasonings will shine through with each bite.

The casing is permeable. It allows the smoke to penetrate through to the sausage to provide a rich flavor. Permeable natural casings mean the casings blend with the meat and helps the sausage balance its aroma in the deli case, on the grill, or on the skillet.

Furthermore, the natural strength of these casings allows the sausage maker to maximize the yield in production. There are fewer failures on the production line.

Finally, natural sausage casings maintain the all important eye-appeal longer.  It helps sell-through. Natural sausage casings also extend the shelf life. They keep the sausage fresher longer. No other casing provides that traditional “fresh” look that appeals to the sausage lover.

We carry Sheep or Hog Salted, Vacpak, Packed in Nets, or Tubed casings. We also carry Salted Beef casings.


Sheep casings have been the core of our business since 1953. For quality animals, we use only the finest sources. It is because we are sausage lovers that we built our business around Australian and New Zealand sheep casings. Sheep casings are very popular for Frankfurters, Breakfast Sausage, Poultry Sausage, jerky sticks, and slim jims.

Although our company is recognized for its sheep casings, we also carry a full line of hog casings. These casings are famous for long strands of extra-clean white color unlike any other casing with which we have worked. The soft texture makes an incredible sausage. If you’ve never experienced sausage making with this product, try it today. Hog casings are often preferred for Kielbasa, Italian Sausage, Bratwurst, Dinner Sausages, Kishka and, of course, many varieties of Pork Sausage.

We sell beef casings too! The strength of the casings for manufacturing is important and we deliver the best. The snap is perfect. Smoke absorption is excellent.  Flavor is rich and tender. These casings are great. The most common beef casings are beef bung caps, beef middles and beef middles. Beef Rounds are a popular casing for round shapes such as Ring Bologna, Ring Liver Sausage, Mettwurst, Blood Sausage, Kishka, Holsteiner and Polish Sausage. Beef Middles are often used for Leona Style Sausage, Dry and Semi-dry Cervelats, Dry and Cooked Salami and Veal Sausage. The Beef Bung Caps are popular for Capocolla, Veal Sausage, Cooked Salami, Andouille, and Large Bologna.

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