Sausage Casing Preparation

Soaking and Handling Procedures for Natural Sausage Casings

To insure the proper preparation of natural casings, follow these simple procedures!

  • Prepare casings no less than 2 hours prior to stuffing
  • Draw from the barrel the number of hanks needed to fulfill your requirement for the day. A chart with approximate stuffing weights of each casing used in the plant should be posted to assist in determining how many hanks of any given size will be needed to hit production targets.
  • Place casings in your soak tanks with a water temperature between 95 and 105 degrees. If casings are extremely compacted in the nets, loosen the nets as you are placing them in the tanks. Install a “governor” to prevent water temperature from exceeding 105 degrees and damaging the casings.
  • Maintain water temperature throughout the soaking process.
  • When casings appear to be pliable, transfer to pans and bring to the stuffing tables.
  • Leftover casings should be drained of fresh water and salt added to stabilize the casings. Then follow the soaking procedures above before using the next day.┬áIt is imperative to use all leftover casings at the beginning of the next day’s production.

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